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Aussie Snack Foods - Supporting Australian Charities since 1994

rare cancers logo 200Over the years Aussie Snack Foods has supported local charities through the placement of our snack trays in the workplace. More recently we began supporting Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) who is a fairly new charity with a purpose being to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common cancers. Rare Cancers Australia was founded by Kate and Richard Vines and they are the driving force and inspiration behind what it is today and their charity is now assisting many people who are faced with the challenges of a rare or less common cancer.

Where Aussie Snack Foods provides ongoing financial support to Rare Cancers Australia, the inclusion of the RCA logo on all of our snack boxes is further assisting them with creating awareness of their charity and how their great work can assist those who may be less fortunate than us. We are honoured to be assisting Kate and Richard with their vision and with the continued support from you our customers we can certainly make a difference.

For further information on Rare Cancers Australia and the work they are doing please click on the link below.

Visit the official Rare Cancers Website here.

Visit the Rare Cancers Facebook Page here.

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