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Get an Aussie Snack Foods Box in your location

If you or your staff are looking for a reliable, hassle free snack offering for your office or warehouse then head straight to our ‘contact us’ page and send us your request.

Now is the time to work out what snack box would be most suitable for your workplace and we are more than willing to start servicing you right away! Once we deliver your snack box, we work out the service frequency suitable for your business depending on the number of staff at your premises and how quickly the snacks are consumed.

We have a number of "Standard" sized snack boxes to make it easy for you to select a snack box that is just right, however, we have many options to customise the size etc, talk to us about your requirements and we will cater a solution to your business.

That’s all there is to it and now you and your staff are ready to go.

Standard Snack Box Sizes

small snack box

Small Snack Box

Taking up very little room, our small snack box manages to cram in a selection of your favourite snacks into it, great for small business…

Just perfect for reception areas…

medium snack box

Medium Snack Box

Packed with all your favourite quality snacks, our medium snack box is ideal for small to medium businesses…

Great for staff rooms, kitchens or reception areas…

large snack box

Large Snack Box

Our large snack box holds a greater variety of all your yummy quality snacks and is ideal for all businesses looking for a broader selection for their staff…
Great for kitchens, lunchrooms or in any business looking to satisfy their hungry staff…

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